What It Takes To Create A Revolutionised & Radical Pet Care Brand

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Petco has raised a whopping $864 Million in its initial public offering (IPO). A pet care chain that started from just a few dollars has made a huge impact on the economic market and pricing its 48 million shares of Class A common stock at $18 each, beating forecasts.

So the question arises, what makes a pet chain so successful? ‘Chewy’ a pet care e-commerce chain, recently reached out to Punch for help. Punch was invited to work on their branding, engineering, marketing and tasked with giving the pet care brand a modernized platform and welcoming personality. Veterinary care may seem like a small industry to be a part of, however in an era where pets are not just pets but your family, this market has been growing exponentially.

Punch designs ‘Chewy’ a Petcare brand

While working with ‘Chewy’, Punch not only designed an e-commerce store but helped create a brand image that could be seen as an authority in the pet care industry. Starting from the market and demographic research, our in-house resources then started building a business plan that works.

Design screens that Punch’s Design experts worked on

Without proper branding and marketing a product fails, no matter how good your business idea is. Punch understood the client’s needs and designed something easy on the eyes, clean, and was in compliance with the accessibility features. When moving towards the designing stage Punch made a logo that is not just a logo but represents a brand. Many iterations and screens were designed which were then given constructive feedback. From there the process moved to the development stage.

Design screen & Iterations

Growth hacking might seem like a fancy word but in plain words, it’s taking traditional marketing methods and testing new ways to captivate and grow an audience. Punch designed the store with a focus on it being easy to use and easy to set up stages and A/B testing which led to a huge increase in site visitors. This was made possible by building surveys, sending emails, and social media interaction. The team used the data from Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of the various tests.

Punch builds a petcare store into a “Brand”

The development stage is not without its challenges but with ex-Google engineers and an equally resourceful team, Punch took these challenges head-on and delivered ‘Chewy’ in due time.

Punch worked towards creating an e-commerce storefront that wasn’t only a veterinary care store but a revolutionary and radically transformed company that redefines the pet industry. So contrary to popular belief the Pet Industry is one to invest in.




San Francisco based creative agency. Visit us at http://www.punch.cool

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San Francisco based creative agency. Visit us at http://www.punch.cool

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